Anna and the Apocalypse – A holiday musical for zombie fans.

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From Blazing Griffin comes a teaser for what is sure to be the independent holiday film hit of the year – Anna and the Apocalypse. Plus, it’s a musical.

Following in the footsteps of…well, just about everything else. We get another musical rendition of something that I am not sure should be turned into a musical. Regardless, it happens and we all have to admit we loved it. I hope that is the case with this film.

Synopsis: When the zombie apocalypse hits the sleepy town of Little Haven – at Christmas – teenager Anna and her high school friends have to fight, sing and dance to survive, with the undead horde all around them. Teaming up with her best friend John, Anna has to fight her way through zombified snowmen, Santas, elves and Christmas shoppers to get across town to the high school, where they’ll be safe. But they soon discover that being a teenager is just as difficult as staying alive, even at the end of the world.

The film is based on Based on the 2010 BAFTA-winning short Zombie Musical directed by the late Ryan McHenry. McHenry shares a writing credit with Alan McDonald in the film listings. Anna and the Apocalypse was directed by John McPhail.

The film stars Ella Hunt, Malcolm Cumming, and Mark Benton. The films music, lyrics, and score were done by Roddy Hart & Tommy Reilly

Anna and the Apocalypse premiered at Fantastic Fest September 22nd, 2017. When it finally gets a wide release of some sort we will let you know.


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