Fair Weather Studios gives us the launch trailer for Ancient Frontier.

Fair Weather Studios has released the official launch trailer for their upcoming sci-fi turn-based strategy RPG – Ancient Frontier. You can find the video below along with some of the key features of the game.

For seventeen years, the Frontier has been at peace. Alliance colonists and miners live under the far-flung rule of Mars and the Federation. However, conflict is now in the air. Ruthless corporations are making moves and other factions begin to seek strategic resources to expand. 

The game lets you take control of massive fleets of spaceships and fighter squadrons to face down enemies in objective-based missions. You can take on two story-driven campaigns that put your tactical skills to the test as you face down raiders, corporate armies, and alien life forms in the depths of space. Both the campaigns are fully voiced with over four hours of audio for an immersive story telling experience.

In Ancient Frontier you will be able to utilize over 35 different kinds ships to build your fleets with a variety of tactical set-ups. You can also research new technologies to upgrade your ships and take your fleet to missions for loot and resources.

The games story and setting are a continuation from Fair Weathers debut title Bladestar. It also has a soundtrack that will feature an original score by Mimi Page.

Ancient Frontier will release on September 21st, 2017 on Steam. Are you ready to build your fleet?

Key Features

  • Two fully-fledged campaigns with fully voiced dialogue.
  • Over 50 hours of gameplay.
  • Dynamic initiative based turn based combat.
  • RPG elements including experience progression for ships.
  • Permadeath – once a ship is gone, it’s gone.
  • Fleet management – choose which ships to take into battle.
  • Over 35 unique ships to command.
  • Customize your playstyle by unlocking technologies in an extensive Tech Tree.
  • Two major factions and three sub-factions.
  • Large, detailed space maps to fight across.
  • Resource management – scavenge for resources and spend them to upgrade and obtain new ships and upgrades.
  • Dozens of different weapon systems and abilities to control.


This article comes from RONN!E, the Editor-in-chief of SciFiMonkeys.com. He is also the Digital Director for NEOtrash Comix, Cheif Creative Officer at Michael Ellery Media and a rep for Alterna Comics. Yeah...he's doing stuff.