‘The Recall’ star Laura Bilgeri…can also sing. [Interview]

Austrian born actress Laura Bilgeri was able to grace me with some time to answer a few questions about her new film The Recall and some other things she currently has going on. Check out the interview below.

If you are not familiar with her yet…you will be. Bilgeri began her acting career when she was 14 years old. She made her feature film debut in the film A Breath Of Heaven, which won the Golden Rooster Award for best foreign film. Then she appeared in the popular German/Austrian TV Series Vienna Crime Squad.

Out now, she can be seen starring alongside R.J. Mitte and Wesley Snipes in the scifi horror The Recall from Minds Eye Entertainment.

– So tell us…who is Annie in The Recall?

Laura Bilgeri – Annie is a real sweetheart. She’s a very caring, down-to-earth kind of girl who ends up falling in love with Charlie (played by Jedediah Goodacre). She’s kind of shy in the beginning, but has a strong personality. She’s definitely a daredevil, and that is what I love about her. When Annie discovers that Charlie still is wracked with guilt from the death of his fiancé for which he still holds himself responsible, she, through her caring way, helps pull him out of his grief to help him move on. I loved playing her.

Ronnie – The trailer for The Recall looks seriously fun. Did you guys have fun filming and it had to be fun working with Wesley Snipes?

Laura Bilgeri – Thank you so much, I had an absolute blast! It was definitely the highlight of my professional career so far! Every single day on set was magical. When I found out that Wesley Snipes was set to play the “Hunter”, I couldn’t believe it. It was a huge honor working with such a legend. He’s so fun, cool, and professional. It was an unforgettable experience. We shot in beautiful Vernon, British Columbia for almost five weeks. It reminded me a lot of home actually. It was simply amazing!

Ronnie – You just moved to the U.S., Los Angeles specifically to further pursue you acting career. How has the transition been for you?

Laura Bilgeri – I always loved everything American when I was a kid. I would watch “The Late Night Show” and every single episode of “Friends” under my covers at night. I fell in love with California when I first came here with my parents when I was 15. My dad had just directed his first film, in which I had a role in, and we got invited to screen it for Golden Globes. We were super close to getting nominated for Best Foreign Movie. That’s when I knew that I wanted to live here one day. Austria is a small country, and so is the industry. So, after working on some great productions in Europe, I finally decided to make the move to the City of Angels, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Its been truly amazing so far, and I feel so lucky to call myself a working actor in Hollywood.

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Ronnie – You also have Dad Crush coming out soon. Can you give us some insight into that project?

Laura Bilgeri – Yes, I recently came back from Louisville, Kentucky. I booked a lead role in a Lifetime movie called Dad Crush. It’s a very dramatic story- it’s actually quite similar to American Beauty, one of my favorite movies of all time. I play Riley, a shy and moody high schooler who gets in the middle of a very uncomfortable situation after finding out that her Dad (played by Rusty Joiner Resident Evil, Dodgeball) and her best friend Kyla (Lucy Loken “Teen Wolf”) are having an affair. The film premieres November 1 on Lifetime.

Ronnie – Is there a specific role you are dying to play? Particular type of character?

Laura Bilgeri – I love period movies. Anna Karenina is definitely one of my favorites. I would have died to play her. I also adore musicals that are turned into movies, like Chicago. The role of Velma Kelly would be a dream come true.

Ronnie – I found quite a few awesome videos of you singing online. Any chance we will see an album in the future?

Laura Bilgeri – Oh, thank you so much! I grew up in a house where there was not one day without music. I love Jazz. Everyday I wake up listening to Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra or Diana Washington. Besides acting, singing is definitely something I will also focus on in the near future. Maybe I’ll make an album one day. You never know, in this fabulously crazy town!

Thanks again to Laura Bilgeri for answering my questions. Make sure to check out her IMDb page and check her out on Twitter. Special thanks also to Platform Public Relations.

The Recall is available on iTunes and Amazon!


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