‘Wish Upon’ star Sydney Park answers a few questions and makes a great wish.

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Actress/Comedian/All around badass Sydney Park took a little time and honored me with answering a few questions about her new film Wish Upon and some other things she has coming up. Check out the brief interview below.

If you are not familiar with actress Sydney Park…you are missing out on some pretty awesome entertainment. I myself, first became familiar with the actress watching That’s So Raven. (Cause anything with Raven Symone…I’m there!) She was a bright and boisterous little addition to the show that had comedic timing better than most of the adults on the show.

Besides that she has had stints on many of TV’s top shows like The Thundermans, CSI: NY, and The Walking Dead. She also starred alongside Tia Mowry-Hardrict in the TV Land series Instant Mom.  She will also be starring in the new Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson produced YouTube RED series Lifeline. The women is busy!

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Ronnie – So who is Sydney Park in Wish Upon, tell us about your character? Did it take anything special to prepare for the role? Were there any challenges compared to other roles you have had?

Sydney Park – My character in Wish Upon is Meredith McNeil and she is the best friend to Clare Shannon, played by Joey King. Meredith is incredibly sassy and a loyal friend to Clare and June. She says what everyone else wants to say, even though her mouth can get her into trouble sometimes! Playing the role of Meredith was an incredibly fun experience, but I do have to say one challenge was to not make her seem “bitchy”. Yes, she says some off-color things but I wanted it to come from a real and genuine place! She’s an awesome character – I loved working on the film.

Ronnie – So Wish Upon has an amazing cast line-up with Sherilyn Fenn, Joey King, Ki Hong Lee, Ryan Phillippe…just to name some. What was it like working with them?

Sydney Park – I really enjoyed working with such a talented, professional, and funny group of people. We all bonded so much! On set it was nothing but silly moments, good laughs, and true support of one another. I love this cast!

Ronnie – You started out doing comedy on shows like That’s So Raven, Instant Mom and everybody remembers the Breakup Queen. Now you are on The Walking Dead and starring in Wish Upon…what’s it like doing horror…has it been a different experience?

Sydney Park – Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always wanted to be a part of the horror genre. My birthday is also on Halloween so I feel like it’s only right to be doing all of these cool horror projects! It’s definitely a different experience from working on comedies. The work is challenging and intense but extremely fun. I’ve been blessed with awesome casts and crews – they make everything light and easy.

Ronnie – What would Sydney Park Wish for?

Sydney Park – I would wish that cancer never even existed. It affects hundreds of millions of people so negatively and it’s not necessary to have in our world at all. It’s quite heartbreaking.

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Ronnie – And everybody wants to know…so I have to ask…we going to see you on the That’s So Raven spin-off – Raven’s Home?

Sydney Park – Haha! I sure hope so. I’m trying to pitch an idea to Raven about having Auntie Sydney babysit the kids. Put the word out!

Ronnie – You also have any other projects coming out we should look forward to?

Sydney Park – Yes, you can catch my new YouTube RED series “LIFELINE” executive produced by The Rock coming out later this year. It’s an action sci-fi thriller and it’s going to be so dope! You can also catch my DreamWorks Animation Netflix series “Spirit Riding Free” available on Netflix now. And last but not least, watch Wish Upon July 14th – in theaters everywhere!

Thanks again to Sydney for gracing me with some time. Make sure to check out her IMDB page to keep up with what she has going on. To make sure you are always in the know…hit up her Twitter. Special thanks also to Platform Public Relations.

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