Ride a roller-coaster towards ‘Salvation’ by Veronica Smith [Review]

   When I was asked to review this book I cringed just a little. Ugh, zombies again. I am honestly tired of zombie books. The market is totally glutted with zombie titles right now and most of them really don’t have anything new or interesting to offer.  Another point against Salvation was the fact that it is based on a popular zombie themed game called Survive-Apocalyptic Horror Game from Helheim Games which I have never played or even heard of.  But I decided to give the book a chance and sat down with a cold beer and the paperback to see where the author was going to take things.

   My beer was warm and I was stiff from sitting so long by the time that I finished the book.

  Salvation is set in a future America eighteen years after a zombie causing virus has wreaked bloody havoc on the world.  The threats include infected humans and animals (a nice touch I thought) as well as the usual outlaws and raiders.  Ironically one of the biggest threats comes from a special division of the military formed to combat the zombies but has now gone rogue and has its own agenda.  The book follows an interestingly mixed group of survivors trying to get by in this dangerous world.

  The action in Salvation is vividly portrayed and absolutely nonstop with fully developed characters that I quickly came to care about.  I don’t want to give too much away but there are enough plot twists and surprises to keep this roller coaster of a novel moving along.  A lot of books set within existing game universes have woefully thin plot lines so the intricate plot was a welcomed treat for me.  Also, I was completely able to buy into the post-apocalyptic world that the author has created and even though I am unfamiliar with the game it is based on a short prologue in the beginning of the book brought me quickly up to speed’

 I highly recommend Salvation to all zombie fans out there. I am most familiar with Veronica Smith through her published short stories and was blown away by this, her first full-length novel.  Give it a read and hey I am not really a gamer but if the game is as entertaining as the book go give it a shot as well.

I give this exciting take on the zombie genre Four Bananas!!!

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C.S. Anderson

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