Pass the damn popcorn – Love in the Time of Monsters [Review]

Recently we worked one of our very favorite cons, Crypticon Seattle and as usual we were in horror heaven. One of the things we like most about it is the people that we get to meet. The table next to us was promoting a horror comedy starring horror legend Kane Hodder titled Love in the time of Monsters and we spent a lot of time talking to the producer of the film Adam Gunn of tbs films.

If you have met me you know that I love cheesy B movie horror flicks, really to the point of annoying the friends that I inflict my tastes on. Give me a stack of movies like Tucker and Dale vs Evil, Zombeavers, Killer Klowns from Outer Space and so on and a tub of popcorn and I am one happy camper. As soon as I saw Big Foot on the cover of Love in the time of Monsters I knew that the DVD was coming home with me.

Pass the damn popcorn friends because I did take this movie home and I watched it with my lovely editor and wife Gail.

Is this is a good movie? God no, it is a terrible movie but it is a terrible movie that is also brilliantly entertaining with a sly sense of humor about itself, comically low budget gore effects and the usual academy award not winning level of acting one would expect from such a movie.

Without giving too much away the action takes place at a c level tourist trap attraction where costumed slackers dress up as Big Foot to entertain tourists. The costumed actors happen to fall into a pool of toxic waste and predictably are transformed into violent flesh eating freaks.
Hilarity ensues.

I thought I had seen just about everything a B movie could possibly throw at a screen but his movie managed to toss me a few over the top hilarious curveballs that had me almost choking on popcorn I was groaning at them so hard. The horror and comedy are very well mixed and one of the things I like best about it is that the actors clearly know that they are in a B movie and are just having a blast being in it. I would dearly have loved being a fly on the wall when the writer and producer pitched this weird ass movie idea to investors.

Especially when they mentioned the undead mutant moose. Oh and the killer ducks and squirrels and the disco themed production number…I firmly predict that Love in the time of Monsters is destined for cult movie status and once it is my skinny butt will be in a seat in the front row shouting the tag lines at the screen. Until then pass the damn popcorn because I am watching it again.

Five full bananas for this awesome movie. Now to go forth and bug all my friends until they give in and watch it with me….

Oh and not to brag or name drop but Kane Hodder did stop by our booth and steal some candy from our loyal butler Chumley…

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C.S. Anderson

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