Star Leaf – This movie is so much more than you think it is. [Review]


We had the opportunity to attend the Seattle Premiere of Star Leaf, the new film from Titan Sky Entertainment. While there, we got to hang out with a few of the cast members, Executive Producer Robert Leeshock, and the films creator Richard Cranor. All absolutely wonderful people. The premiere was set in a different atmosphere than most would expect for a movie screening. It was held at Evergreen Bud & Glass, a medical marijuana shop in Seattle.

star-leaf-thumbSOME HIGHS ARE OUT OF THIS WORLD – Hikers find a secret grove of extra-terrestrial marijuana growing in the Olympic Mountains, and must fight for their lives when they anger the other-worldly forces protecting the plants.
Produced by Titan Sky Entertainment in association with the Leomark Studios and the Horror Equity Fund.

The film stars Z Nation‘s Russell Hodgkinson along with Julian Gavilanes, Tyler Trerise, Shelby Truax, Svetlana Soutirina, Kiki Yeung and Richard Cranor as Ranger Dave. The film is being distributed by Leomark Studios.

So while we were there, of course we got to watch the film and come home with a couple of copies. So what did we think of it? While this movie is a definite mind fuck…it is most certainly a cult classic contender.

As always, I will try and remain as spoiler free possible.

Richard Cranor’s Star Leaf is not just another stoner comedy. Even though every element of one is there, this movie is way beyond just being that. While delivering an extremely entertaining time the film also tries to deliver a message. While there is a direct message the film deals with, the way it is portrayed I feel it is one that could be used to help many people with what is going on in there lives.

Star Leaf in no way actually promotes marijuana. If anything, it might actually scare you away from it a little. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is what lies at the center of the film. Instead it promotes more of a sense of consciousness in which you need to open your mind in order to cope and deal with whatever the problem is that is ailing you. Adding this to the film’s story gave much more depth than what one comes to expect in a weed-based film.

Visually the film is done very well. For what was a limited budget, Star Leaf deliver and may even be some serious competition for what Syfy keeps putting out in terms of films. In fact, I think this is definitely a film that could do well on Syfy. Even though at some points the special effects may seem over the top in certain scenes, the cause behind it reminds you it’s okay.

The cast also delivers, giving us a somewhat strong performance. The lead trio have a good chemistry. Although, I may not have thought each actor was right for their role, I could still feel the message behind the performance giving it. Russell Hodgkinson gives a great show as Set Guardrail Slaughter that will leave you head scratching. Yet, the best performance comes from the films writer and director Richard Cranor as Ranger Dave. Adding extreme elements of dramatic WTF mixed with perfectly leveled comedic WTF, Cranor has developed a character that could go well beyond use in just the Star Leaf film.


When it comes right down to it, Star Leaf delivers on so many more levels than any stoner comedy before it. While giving you the same fun and excitement you would hope for, Cranor & Company have succeeded in making a stoner comedy that actually makes you think beyond just the humor and deliver a message a lot may need to hear. We get a good look into man’s struggles of the mind and body and the difficulties in overcoming those struggles. Mix that with a little weed and some aliens…do it well and Ta Da! You have Star Leaf.

So where does this line up in terms of the Banana Scale? I giving it 4 Bananas out of 5! While almost everything about this film is great and it keeps you guessing even after it’s over, the film did lack a little of the emotional portrayal called for in the story. Even with that said, Star Leaf is a horse of a different color when it comes to its genre. It is bold and new, and that is refreshing. It is always good to have a reminder that there is still some originality left out there.


This article comes from RONN!E, the Editor-in-chief of He is also the Digital Director for NEOtrash Comix, Cheif Creative Officer at Michael Ellery Media and a rep for Alterna Comics. Yeah...he's doing stuff.