30th Dec2015

Take a break for KaBOOM!’s Clarence: Rest Stops #1 preview!

The best part about road trips is all of the rest stops and crazy adventures that await! Check out the new KaBOOM! preview for the Read Article »

30th Dec2015

Face a new beginning in BOOM! Studios’ Welcome Back #4 preview!

Sometimes what you’re looking for isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. Check out the new BOOM! Studios preview for the latest issue of Welcome Back Read Article »

30th Dec2015

BOOM! Studios’ Last Sons of America #2 (of 4) preview introduces a daughter!

Jackie and Julian may be in way over their heads with this child they’ve found in the second issue of Last Sons of America! Check Read Article »

22nd Dec2015
A&E releases a shattering new Damien teaser trailer!5

A&E releases a shattering new Damien teaser trailer!

The latest teaser trailer that A&E has released via Twitter for the upcoming The Omen continuation–which centers on a grown-up Damien–serves to confirm at least Read Article »

22nd Dec2015

‘The Tooth Collector & Other Tales’ by Lindsey Goddard

When I was a kid (ah Hell of a long time ago) I haunted my local library and one of my favorite treasures to come Read Article »

22nd Dec2015

Welcome to year 2 with Archaia’s Gunnerkrigg Court: Research Vol. 2 TP preview!

When ghosts and ancient gods and robot tombs are involved, perhaps normal really is simply a matter of perspective. Check out the new Archaia preview Read Article »

22nd Dec2015

Live life to the fullest with BOOM! Box’s new Teen Dog TP preview!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade that’ll rock the socks off everyone! Check out the new Teen Dog trade paperback preview, straight from the Read Article »

22nd Dec2015

BOOM! Box’s Munchkin #12 preview comes with a twist!

What’s the worst thing that can happen while dungeon crawling? Falling down a mysterious bottomless pit of course! Check out the new BOOM! Box preview Read Article »

22nd Dec2015

KaBOOM!’s new Peanuts #29 preview takes you out to the ball game!

It’s always a good day for baseball, and Charlie Brown seems to be ready to play for Peppermint Patty in the latest issue of Peanuts. Read Article »

22nd Dec2015

It’s war time in Tyson Hesse’s Diesel #4 (of 4) BOOM! Box preview!

Nothing says “Give me back what’s mine” like a good fight, and Diesel plans to do just that with Bull against the Birdmen in the Read Article »

22nd Dec2015

Mystery is in store for BOOM! Studios’ The Woods Vol. 3 TP preview!

Strangeness is afoot for 513 people in the third trade paperback volume of The Woods, and it’s only going to get worse from here! Check Read Article »

22nd Dec2015

Secrets are revealed in BOOM! Studios’ Deep State Vol. 2 TP preview!

The life of a secret agent is a dangerous one that must be lived in the shadows, but when things start to get a bit Read Article »

22nd Dec2015

BOOM! Studios’ new Fiction Squad TP preview will shed a whole new light on happy endings!

Things are never as they appear when it comes to fairy tales, and sometimes things aren’t always rainbows and sunshine in the trade paperback adaptation Read Article »

22nd Dec2015

Peace is a dream in BOOM! Studios’ Escape From New York #13 preview!

No matter where Snake goes and what he does, he never seems to be truly free from the government. Check out BOOM! Studios‘ new preview Read Article »

22nd Dec2015

BOOM! Studios’ Arcadia #7 preview brings about new beginnings

Not all beginnings are good, just as not all change is bad. Check out the latest BOOM! Studios preview for the tense latest issue of Read Article »

22nd Dec2015

New discoveries await in BOOM! Studios’ Wild’s End: The Enemy Within #4 (of 6) preview!

What will Fawkes and Alph discover in the alien crash site now that they’ve found it? Will they learn what the aliens’ true motives are? Read Article »

22nd Dec2015

Can you survive BOOM! Studios’ Venus #1 (of 4) preview?

When survival becomes your reality, how far would you be able to go to survive in the inhospitable? Check out the new BOOM! Studios preview Read Article »

22nd Dec2015
This Star Wars vs Halo fan film tribute will make your day!5

This Star Wars vs Halo fan film tribute will make your day!

Following the explosive success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, fans have started belting out their loving tributes to any and all things Star Wars Read Article »

21st Dec2015
Knight Rider Heroes' official first trailer sees the return of David Hasselhoff!5

Knight Rider Heroes’ official first trailer sees the return of David Hasselhoff!

Here’s a gem that’s done pretty well to stay off the radar in the midst of all of the film industry’s current torrents of awesomeness, Read Article »

20th Dec2015
Izuna King 2

IZUNA – Humanoids proves Tenuta has more up his lyrical sleeve than SCARLET BLADES

Earlier this year, I reviewed Severio Tenuta‘s The Legend of the Scarlet Blades (Humanoids); calling it one of the most emotionally charged Eurocomics I had Read Article »

20th Dec2015

Forces of Horror Anthology- The Films of Roger Sampson…a brutal buffet.

I have always been fascinated by flash fiction and short films, for me it is the high point of talent to be able to tell Read Article »

18th Dec2015

A New Fairy Tale “At One’s Beast” by Rachel Barnard

SciFi Monkeys and TANSTAAFL Press brings you a review of Rachel Barnard’s At One’s Beast! Overall Grade: C+ (See Thomas’ notes on how he grades) Summary: Read Article »

15th Dec2015

The final showdown begins in KaBOOM!’s Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake: Card Wars #6 (of 6)!

The final card battle has begun, and Cake is up against her main opponent, the Floop Master in the final issue of Adventure Time with Read Article »

15th Dec2015

BOOM! Studios’ Big Trouble in Little China #19 preview sees trouble in paradise!

All’s fair in love and war, and it’s no different in the world of Big Trouble in Little China. Check out latest BOOM! Studios preview Read Article »