03rd Jul2015

Here are two fun new promos for FOX’s Scream Queens – Pledge Hard and Bust-a-Kappa!

Like a cross between Scream and 90210 set in the land of American Horror Story, FOX‘s upcoming Scream Queens series looks like it’s going to more »

03rd Jul2015

Marvel’s final trailer for Ant-Man reveals some backstory!

The final official trailer released by Marvel for the upcoming Ant-Man film gives us a sneak peek at the backstory as to why Darren Cross/Yellowjacket–Corey more »

03rd Jul2015

Check out this delightful new official trailer for Syfy’s Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf!

Despite the fact that the Sharktopus franchise is so bad, it has been an absolute success. The reason? Because the films are in fact so more »

01st Jul2015

Digital Frontier and Unified Pictures partner up for an all new CGI animated Vampire Hunter D series!

If you’re a fan–whether long-time or pretty new–of the long-running Vampire Hunter D franchise then here’s some news that might make your day! Unified Studios more »

01st Jul2015

Wizard World is taking over the airwaves with CON Radio.

First they brought us CONtv with an awesome library of old and original content. Now Wizard World hopes to tap into your bandwidth some more more »

01st Jul2015

James D’Arcy and Enver Gjokaj reprise their roles as Edwin Jarvis and Agent Sousa for ABC’s Agent Carter season 2!

Peggy Carter’s off to a whole new world of adventures in the upcoming season 2 of ABC‘s Agent Carter, and it looks like she’s not more »

01st Jul2015

Anne Hathaway & Joseph Gordon-Levitt battle in this hilarious short – Sidekicks.

From pivot‘s Hit Record on TV – Joseph Gordon-Levitt is joined by Anne Hathaway and Brian & Nick from BriTANick, for a hilarious short film more »

01st Jul2015

Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise joins Thrillbent.

Mark Waid has announced that you will now be able to find Terry Moore’s Eisner Award winning Strangers in Paradise at Thrillbent. You can check more »

30th Jun2015

Here’s a chilling new clip for Blumhouse Productions’ The Gallows!

If there’s anything that truly freaks me out in movies–because it would be downright terrifying if it ever happened in real life–it’s when the phone more »

30th Jun2015

The Power Rangers comics are coming to BOOM! Studios.

BOOM! Studios and Saban Brands have announced (via THR) a deal bringing the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers to comics. This comes as part of more »

30th Jun2015

Check out this awesome glimpse of an epic showdown in the newly released clip for Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F!

If you haven’t yet decided to watch the last installment in the DBZ franchise, then here’s a new clip that might make you ask yourself: more »

29th Jun2015

Jessica Lucas cast as Tigress for season 2 of Fox’s Gotham!

We may know DC‘s Tigress by many names–Artemis Crock, Huntress, maybe even Paula Brooks–but FOX‘s Gotham season 2 will see an all new version of more »

29th Jun2015

Trust is in question in the new BOOM! Box preview for Help Us! Great Warrior #5 (of 6)!

When you don’t know who you can truly trust in but still surrounded by people that love you, can trust truly be that easy to more »

29th Jun2015

It’s the attack of the workout equipment in the new KaBOOM! preview for Regular Show #25!

It’s one thing to get really into working out with your exercise equipment, but it’s completely different when your exercise equipment gives you a quite more »

29th Jun2015

It’s the revenge of Lo Pan in the latest BOOM! Studios preview for Big Trouble in Little China #12!

Jack seems to be in serious trouble in the latest issue of Big Trouble in Little China as Lo Pan comes close to completing his more »

29th Jun2015

Danger lurks in the new BOOM! Studios preview for The Woods #14!

Karen is in for a few nasty surprises in her exploration of the mysterious woods, and they’re not all just about the natural wildlife. Check more »

29th Jun2015

Fleeing is not an option in the latest BOOM! Studios preview for Cluster #5!

What happens when prisoners decide to band together to overthrow their warden and captors? We might just find out in the new BOOM! Studios preview more »

29th Jun2015

Here’s a chaotic new BOOM! Studios preview for Arcadia #3!

Why is it so imperative that Lee Garner get in contact with Lee Pepper? And why is it dangerous to get too close to Jaime? more »

29th Jun2015

The new BOOM! Studios preview for Broken World #2 (of 4) shows a difficult choice

Continue fighting for something that seems almost impossible but remains of great importance… or take the easy way out? Check out the new BOOM! Studios more »

29th Jun2015

It’s one against the world in the new BOOM! Studios preview for The Spire #1 (of 6)!

There’s nothing quite like seeing real-world problems portrayed to the extreme in the world of comics and that’s exactly what the newest series The Spire more »

27th Jun2015

J.K. Rowling announces Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will open in London’s West End Theater!

It has been confirmed by J.K. Rowling herself on Twitter that the upcoming and now highly anticipated play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child be more »

26th Jun2015

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F now has a trailer…in English!

The official English trailer (via IGN) for the upcoming animated film Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F has been released. You can check it out below more »

26th Jun2015

A new Canadian trailer for the Supergirl TV series.

A new trailer for Supergirl has arrived. This trailer comes from Canada’s Global Television Network where the show is airing there. You can check out more »

26th Jun2015

Peter Dinklage has some demands in this Pixels clip.

Columbia Pictures has released another clip from the new Adam Sandler action comedy Pixels. You can check it out below. The movie is based on more »