MoviePass…probably one of the greatest purchases I have ever made. [Review]

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In the last few weeks, I have seen Justice League, Thor: Ragnorak, The LEGO Ninjago Movie, Blade Runner 2049, and Daddy’s Home 2. Want to know how much it cost me? I will tell you. $9.95 flat. No, not for each movie. Just $9.95, once. Yep, that is it.

How is that possible? I signed up with MoviePass. Literally, one of the greatest purchases I have ever made in my life. For one low, simple monthly fee, I get to see one 2D movie every single day. So think about it…that’s roughly 30 times I get to go to the theater and see a movie each month.  After the first movie, this card has basically already paid for itself.

The process is simple. First, you go to the theater. Then you open up the MoviePass app and check into the movie you want to see. Once you have done that. You walk up to either the self-serve kiosk or the person in the box office and purchase a ticket with the MoviePass debit card they give you. You are still purchasing a ticket as normal as you would when you visit the theater regularly. You are just using you special card they provide. Reserving the movie in the app is what activates your card to make the purchase.

If you walk up to the box office and say you are checking in for your reservation, they won’t have any idea what you are talking about.

So what’s the catch? No 3D. For me this is fine. I am not the biggest fan of 3D yet. At least not for 2 hours. So $9.95 a month for unlimited 2D films works. However, if you are all about the 3D, this might not be the deal for you. Although, you could see it first in 2D, then know if you really want to spend $18-$22 to see it 3D. I don’t know where you live but that’s average of what we pay here in Seattle. Incidentally, about $10 is the average price for an afternoon ticket here also. Think about that.

I am actually looking at Fandango right now and for me to see Justice League tomorrow at 3:50PM it will cost $11. That is a whole dollar and change more than MoviePass…to just see one movie.

One other drawback is that you cannot reserve your movie until you are at the theater. Once you reserve the film you want to see in the app you are given 30 minutes to purchase your ticket. This could make it difficult for opening night on some films. So may want to check with other apps beforehand that it isn’t sold out already. One thing you can do is show up to the theater at like 10AM and purchase a ticket for like 11PM. While I could see this being inconvenient to some, it isn’t actually for me.

So what is the bottom line here? The price of MoviePass is one of the greatest deals ever. They took seeing a film in the theater and made it into a Netflix like option. For now, though, I can only give it Four Bananas. The couple inconveniences it has are what drops it from 5. The price is unbeatable and it should be more like 4.5 on the scale…but I haven’t made the Half Banana scale yet.

Have you signed up with MoviePass? How has your experience been?

Sign up for MoviePass today and discover it for yourself. 


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