The sun is setting on The Big Bang Theory.

The end came when they were all comfortable with missing Comic Con.

That’s it. It’s over. As much as I don’t want it to be, it’s okay for it to end. It was a good run. Freaks, nerds, and geeks the world over who are fans should be okay with it too. Nothing lasts forever. Do you hear those words Rick & Morty fans–nothing lasts forever. Unless you’re The Simpsons or South Park. But that’s another blog. Regardless, it’s time to bring an end to The Big Bang Theory and don’t think for a moment it doesn’t bother me. It does.

But there comes a point in time with every show–whether it is a drama or sitcom–when the players and plots have outstayed their welcome. In this case, Sheldon has just become annoyingly insufferable, Bernie is comfortable with being mean, Penny comforts herself while married to a self-depreciating Leonard with alcohol to the point it’s almost alarming and where do I begin with Howard and Raj?

What made the show new to the mainstream is when it debuted on NBC the inner-world of the nerd was exposed, placing it center-stage, ready to greet the first bully’s fist with an exposed chin. Through their awkwardness in attempting to become more social, their approach mimicked the curiosities of anthropologists, finding common ground among the normal while, at the same time, introducing people to the world of geeks. Hilarity ensued and we all, gradually, became fans.

I’m not saying The Big Bang Theory bridged the gap, but it definitely helped. Anyone who remembers the days while searching through the long boxes of your favorite comic shop when, once and awhile, an unsuspecting group walks-in and starts vilifying everything you love, you would agree the show helped lessen the ridicule. In fact, I’ve seen some former jocks embrace the whole comic con allure to the point it’s embarrassing to even us geeks.

But even with that said, it’s obvious the shine is off the show, morphing into what should be titled:  Friends… with Geeks! Once the lead nerds of the show coupled up, got married or engaged and then started reproducing, the show has taken a ninety-degree turn which has not been for the better.

Let’s recap: Bernadette has gotten meaner and is comfortable with it, Penny has gotten drunker, Raj is more pathetic than ever and just… creepy, while Leonard and Howard have become the horror that are geniuses who have no lives! And Sheldon? Sheldon is still finding ways to make the once stoic Amy turn into an animated basket case because she’s realizing she settling on him with the hope everything will be okay. Doomed. Doomed. Doomed.

There is an invisible mania running through The Big Bang Theory soul and it’s making itself known through our beloved characters, poisoning their personalities to the point of frustration. Why even bother anymore? Time to find a cooler group to hang out with.

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Jason Zachary Pott

Jason Zachary is the publisher and an author at NEOtrash Comix. His works include Deacon Jaxx Homeless Nekromancer and Dead Babies with Chainsaws. To learn more