The definitive Miles & Kilo is coming to Steam. Who is ready for retro platformer fun?

The highly acclaimed high-paced platformer from Michael Burns, Miles & Kilo is coming to Steam. Those who don’t have an iPhone can rejoice. Check out a new trailer for it below.

The game was released on iTunes earlier this year and is rather fun. It is very much like crossing the old Mega Man games with the original Super Mario Bros. Definitely gives you a feeling of nostalgia when you play, if you are an old-school gamer like me.

After their plane is downed by a mischievous specter, Miles and Kilo find themselves stranded on a haunted island. With their plane stripped of its critical components, their only hope of escape is to chase down a gang of thieving villains across the perilous landscape…

The game stars two playable characters: a young explorer named Miles, and his lovable (but mischievous) dog, Kilo. Both Miles and Kilo have their own diverse sets of moves and abilities: Miles can wall-jump, slide, punch, and toss fruit at pesky critters; Kilo can somersault through breakable walls and dash through the air to pounce on nearby baddies. Levels also feature a variety of rides, including mine carts, rope swings, surfboards, and more!

Each of Miles & Kilo‘s 36 levels can be cleared without stopping, making it a perfect choice for fans of speedrunning platformers. In addition, a special Time Attack mode is unlocked after beating the game – here gamers can compete with each other via online Steam leaderboards.

Miles & Kilo features 31 normal levels, 5 special boss levels, a dozen old-school style cutscenes, and a totally rad chiptune soundtrack by Chris Kukla.

The Steam version of Miles & Kilo is the definitive version of the game, bringing full gamepad controller support, extra polish, bug fixes, and re-tuned level design.

Miles & Kilo will launch on Steam for PC and Mac on November 30 for $7.99.


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