The first trailer for Attack Of The Killer Donuts…cause, why not.

Anything can be made into a movie and Level 33 Entertainment is proving just that with their new horror – Attack of the Killer Donuts. Check out the zany down below.

Of all the movies they could have made, whoever would have guessed they would make this one. Not going to lie though, it looks particularly fun. However, I may never eat a donut again.

SynopsisA chemical accident in a sleepy town turns ordinary donuts into bloodthirsty monsters. Unaware of the donuts’ danger, Johnny, Michelle and Howard sell them to unsuspecting customers. When the donuts start eating their victims, the only way the three friends can save their sleepy town is to track down the Killer Donuts down and destroy them. The final standoff is where it all began: Dandy Donuts.

Attack of the Killer Donuts was directed by Scott Wheeler and was written by Nathan Dalton and Chris De Christopher.

The film stars Justin Ray (Disaster L.A.), Michael Swan (Friday the 13th part VI), Kayla Compton (Highway to Havasu) with C. Thomas Howell.

Attack of the Killer Donuts is expected to hit places like Amazon and iTunes November 17th, 2017.


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