Live the zombie apocalypse in the MMO Dead Maze announcement trailer.

French developer Atelier 801 has unveiled the announcement trailer for their upcoming free-to-play isometric MMO Dead Maze. It looks quite fun, check it out below.I wonder if the Zombie craze will ever end.

Player co-op takes center stage in Dead Maze as ‘thousands of players’ have to explore, scavenge and work together to survive and rebuild society. Basically, you get to live out you post-apocalyptic zombies fantasy and see how you will far among the other survivors.

The world as we know it is gone, overrun by unrelenting hordes of infected. Players in Dead Maze take on the role as one of the few remaining survivors, who have to work together to stay alive in a ravaged contemporary world where death lurks around every corner. Resources can be scavenged and turned into life-saving supplies, while ordinary objects become deadly weapons against a wide array of aggressive, hive-minded infected. The free-to-play game Dead Maze features a unique visual style, with a colourful 2D isometric perspective, showing destruction in all its glorying detail.

The gamewas developed by Atelier 801, an indie game company founded by Mélanie Christin and Jean-Baptiste Le Marchand with a goal to bring players together, from all over the world, around fun multiplayer games. The company is well-known for their game Transformice which has over 80 million players globally.

Dead Maze is set to be released sometime in early 2018 on Steam.

Some of Dead Maze’s unique features are:

  • Cooperation is key: work together to explore high-risk, high-reward instances in a ravaged modern world. Scavenge for resources, craft life-saving supplies and fight off the ever-present hordes of infected.

  • Set in a destroyed Western United States, experience the absorbing story which puts players in the middle of the action. Interact with a strong cast of supporting characters in your quest to survive.

  • From kitchen knives to old undergarments, use any of the 500+ items to defend yourself and defeat the hordes of infected.

  • Face not only the undead, but also hunger, thirst, injuries and diseases. Ration your food and drinks, and monitor your health carefully thanks to the in-depth survival mechanics.

  • Choose and change which archetype to play at any time, from being a healer supporting others, to a tank or DPS, thanks to the versatile Skills and gear.

  • Watch out: the infected work together using an advanced AI design and will gather together before attacking. They come in many different shapes and sizes, from violently exploding infected capable of attracting even more undead, to bosses able to project more infected towards you.

  • Establish your camp and build and furnish your own home with the help of others. Plant seeds and tend to your vegetable gardens or breed cattle to gain access to extra food sources such as milk.


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