A whole new kind of writing contest! ‘You Only Get One Shot’ by Kevin J Kennedy & J.C. Michael [Review]

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Cool stuff just keeps coming at me lately, Kevin J Kennedy and J.C. Michael are both well-known horror writers from the UK and both have had dozens of stories published in various anthologies. They are both masters at writing short horror fiction. When I found out that they had written a novella together titled, You Only Get One Shot. Well, I nearly got a friction burn trying to hit the download button so fast.

In my opinion, such collaborations fail far more often than they succeed, I could never, I think work with somebody like this but then again I really don’t work and play well with others. My mom still has one of my reports cards that says that in black and white on her fridge. Both of this horror authors are very talented and both have very different voices in their writing.

The premise behind You Only Get One Shot is deceptively simple, four horror authors are contacted online by a mystery person telling them that they must write the best story they can or they will be killed. The mystery person will judge all four stories and only one author will be spared. The book consists of those four short stories tied together with a separate narrative told through the eyes of each author and of the person making the threat.

Each of the four stories is brilliant, the book is worth buying for them alone but what truly makes this book remarkable is the narrative tying them all flawlessly together. This book is, pardon the cliché, a true page turner. I literally did not take my eyes off of the pages until I had read the entire book. No spoilers, but every time I thought I had things pegged and knew what was coming next I was wrong. There is a hell of a lot of story packed into this novellas 135 pages, this is a work of art created by two writers at the peak of their talent and I urge you not to miss it.

You Only Get One Shot gives me hope for indie publishing, there is a lot of drek out there to sift through but every now and then one finds a jewel like You Only Get One Shot and it is all worth it. Bravo gentlemen, bravo. A full Five Bananas.

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C.S. Anderson

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