Virgo Versus The Zodiac…yeah, we want to play it!

Check out this video of the first game-play footage for the indie game Virgo Versus The Zodiac from developer Moonana. It looks pretty fun.

Virgo Versus The Zodiac is a scifi-fi fantasy turn-based RPG for Windows. The game uses the principles of Astrology and you actually play as the villain. Cannot wait to see how that play’s out.

Virgo is determined to purge the whole Zodiac of their sins, based on her own ideals of perfection in order to bring back the Golden Age – a period of prosperity and harmony to the sacred celestial system, who’s in chaos.

After stealing the Talaria, winged shoes of Mercury, her father, she marches in her crusade towards the Temples of Saturn in search of Capricorn, her first adversary. Along her journey to find perfection and purity, she will encounter many foes whom she deems heretics, but also those she finds friendship in, such as her trusty companion, Gingerbread Man, a delicious cookie who assists Virgo on her journey.

Virgo Versus The Zodiac is still currently in development and no actual release date has been set yet. Don’t worry, once we know…we will let you know.

So who else wants to destroy heretics?


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